Online Dialect Coaching 

by Taylor Walter-Chapman (English coach) 

A comprehensive look at frequently sought after dialects, this coaching is an depth look at your own voice, giving you a wonderful baseline on how to achieve authentic dialects. Sessions will then move into IPA (international phonetic alphabet) and RP (received pronunciation) for the English sessions and  Neutral American Spanish for Spanish sessions, working into other dialects needed by the student. Whether you are training for voiceover work, focusing on a specific role, or looking to become more autonomous during an audition, this class’ one-on-one approach will give you the tools you need to build your individual artistry.


Taylor Walter-Chapman

Instructor · Coach

Taylor received her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Performance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has been a student of jazz, musical theatre and opera for fourteen years, studying under Tracy Koch (Midwest Institute of Opera) and Amy Pickering (UIC). Aside from her main stage roles at UIC in Dying for It and Misalliance, Taylor has collaborated to compose music for their productions of Twelfth Night and A Matter of Life and Death. She has also studied at Second City, covering both Improv for Actors and Musical Improvisation, which she taught to her university team where she served as ensemble member, vice president, and artistic director. Her team went on to compete with the top 15 best teams in North America at the College Improv Tournament Nationals. Most recently, Taylor has been seen in Chicago’s longest running sketch show Cupid Has a Heart On and in the pit of War & Peace.